Tuesday, May 17, 2011

1-Pick up! 2-Uh? 1-PICK UP!______ 1-Feel like dog shit? 2-Yeh! feel like dog shit

Arroooo rooo rooo! This blog posts comes with a warning. If ya get grossed out by the subject of dog pooop. *****STOP RIGHT HERE!*****

So HuMom leaves for work today, normal time. I could tell something wasn't right with my mal fursister, Kiley. She hadn't eaten her breakfast which should have been the HuRents first clue. Kiley was suffering from the squishy gut. Must have been the canned salmon HuMom mixed in all our food yesterday.

HuDad was the first to arrive home. The smell had hit him just as he opened the front door. Kiley had explosive-poo all through the house. Her trail of destruction went through 3 room. Several big poops on the dining room area rug.  One big spot in the laundry room and a trail of brown watery goo into the livingroom. She has even hit HuMom's favorite Pier 1 wicker chair. Poo all over the legs. HuDad is not the pooper scooper in our house. He does not do well with this at all. But HuMom was not due home for another 6 hours so it was up to him for cleanup. He began the daunting task of cleanup. He rolled up the ruined carpet and put it out in the trash. He scrubbed and sanitized all the floors. Poor HuMom's chair, that was dripping with poo was also taken outside and place to the curb for trash. He just didn't have the stomach to clean it all out of the nooks and cranny's of the wicker. So out it went.

The strangest thing happened next...

HuDad went outside to toss all the rags out and noticed some poor sucker drove by, spotted the wicker chair, got out and put the chair in their car and sped off! Ummm...they were probably in too much a hurry to notice why it was out at the curbside to begin with! BOL!! 

Kiley is feeling a lot better...she's on tummy rest with just some rice etc...to eat. 

Red Sibes Rule!


Yas said...

That is a definite YIKES story!!
Hope she feels better and her tummy will settles down to normal in no time!


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Mom thinks we detekhted a wave of that aroma here in Pawsylvania -

Poor poor Kiley -

I hope she'll feel better soon!