Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Dog Park is Open!

Arooo rooo rooo readers! It's Simmy! May 15th has been pawed in our calendars because it's the official opening of the Bea Arthur Dog Park for the season!

We are so lucky to have this park because the gates are opened 24 hours a day. When you're a siberian husky living in Virginia, this becomes essential because the summer days are too warm for me to be playing outside.

Here is a pic of our dog park during the daytime. It's right on the Elizabeth River. Cool harbor breezes!

We only go to the park at night when there is no other doggies or humans. HuMom spends the entire time trying to get a photo of me for the bloggy. She has taken roughly 25 pics and 1 pic came out. BOL! I am an evasive little siberian husky.
That's me!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

1-Pick up! 2-Uh? 1-PICK UP!______ 1-Feel like dog shit? 2-Yeh! feel like dog shit

Arroooo rooo rooo! This blog posts comes with a warning. If ya get grossed out by the subject of dog pooop. *****STOP RIGHT HERE!*****

So HuMom leaves for work today, normal time. I could tell something wasn't right with my mal fursister, Kiley. She hadn't eaten her breakfast which should have been the HuRents first clue. Kiley was suffering from the squishy gut. Must have been the canned salmon HuMom mixed in all our food yesterday.

HuDad was the first to arrive home. The smell had hit him just as he opened the front door. Kiley had explosive-poo all through the house. Her trail of destruction went through 3 room. Several big poops on the dining room area rug.  One big spot in the laundry room and a trail of brown watery goo into the livingroom. She has even hit HuMom's favorite Pier 1 wicker chair. Poo all over the legs. HuDad is not the pooper scooper in our house. He does not do well with this at all. But HuMom was not due home for another 6 hours so it was up to him for cleanup. He began the daunting task of cleanup. He rolled up the ruined carpet and put it out in the trash. He scrubbed and sanitized all the floors. Poor HuMom's chair, that was dripping with poo was also taken outside and place to the curb for trash. He just didn't have the stomach to clean it all out of the nooks and cranny's of the wicker. So out it went.

The strangest thing happened next...

HuDad went outside to toss all the rags out and noticed some poor sucker drove by, spotted the wicker chair, got out and put the chair in their car and sped off! Ummm...they were probably in too much a hurry to notice why it was out at the curbside to begin with! BOL!! 

Kiley is feeling a lot better...she's on tummy rest with just some rice eat. 

Red Sibes Rule!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

And then there was 3!

So lots has changed in two years since I checked in last. We added another pup to our pack and I am still sayin Red Sibes Rule the household! Though I am outnumber one sibe to two malamutes, the HuRents have been letting me get my way.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Alone Again, Naturally

I am looking for ideas to send HuMom the message that even though I have been walked and given a nice juicy raw bone, that leaving me along for 12 hours is totally unacceptable behavior.

Monday, August 31, 2009


Harooo every one.

I should have known first thing this morning, when HuMom was up before the sun came up, that something was difFURent about today.

She packed me and Kiley up in the transporter and we headed to the park way before any pup was ever up.

Not only did we do our usual 2.5 mile hike, but she took us around the lake for a second loop.

Something is not right about this routine.

HuDAd is away. HuMOm has gone to work. We are alone till 11pm tonight. Guess what I am doing today?


Can some pup come check on me later?


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Road Trip!

Sometime tomorrow morning, just the HuMom and I, will sneak out of the house before Kiley gets up. She's packed my dog food and toys and we're taking the red siberian transporter on a long road trip to a place she calls "home".

I don't know where this home is. But Humom tells me we will be in the car for at least 12 hours. I think this place is somewhere south of the North Pole in a place Humom calls Lake George, NY. We'll be stopping along the way to visit friends. Staying with grandparents in something called an RV. I hope I get to ride in the front seat and stop at McDonalds' for cheeseburgers.

Maybe there will be snow?

I will send reports on my vacation.

Miss you already, Kiley.