Friday, December 12, 2008

Have you looked outside?

Does the moon make you looney?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

cheeseburger and paradise

Dad has been away this week, visiting his human parents in Florida. His being away has caused a major disruption in our routine!

You see, our HuMom works long hours three days a week. She's off the rest of this week so no worries. But for the past three days Kiley and I have been left alone in the house for almost 13 hours at a time! Good thing we have enormous bladders!

Our HuMom feels so guilty about our time alone while she's at work. But she has come up with a reward for us that makes those 3 days tolerable.

For the past three days, she's been making a stop at Burger King and picking us up our own Cheeeseburger! You may think that's no big deal however for our HuMom it is. She's vegetarian!

"the cheeseburger afterglow"

Thanks Mom!

PS...when you going back to work?


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Enjoy Your Turkey Coma

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends out in the blogasphere!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kiley says it's cold enough!

And she's ready!


We want SNOW!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

What does a Husky have in common with T Mobil?

We both have "hot spots"!

HuMom discovered a bloody patch behind my neck. It wasn't healing so off to see Dr Connie at Boulevard Vets.

And I posed for a picture with the huge stuffy in the office!

Dr Mike was there instead and he shaved the area and cleaned my "Hot Spot". Then he gave me a shot of medicine to help me heal up.

For being so brave, I got a tasty cookie which I chomped down before we left the office.

I've always known I was a Red Hot Husky!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Get out and Vote

I am putting my support behind Turbo and Khyra!
My sister Kiley the Malamute has joined "Bitches for Obama"

Sunday, October 5, 2008

husky socks

HuMom finally got her Husky Sox! Now she can be as warm as we are!

So with Mom's feet all warm! We headed out for a walk at our fav local lake!

I love walking along the shoreline and exploring!

Kiley's favorite thing to do is "going fishing"! Is there any fish in there Kiley?

Hope you all have a peaceful weekend!


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Huzzy Pose Day!

So my HuMom's whacky friends on the SMS have all decided today is the day to post our Huzzy Pose pictures for y'all to see! They corrupt her so much!

So here is Kiley's centerfold shot!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

wOOOt! It's the Jewish High Holidays

Happy Jewish New Year to all my friends out there!
It's the first day of the so-called Jewish High Holidays which starts with Roshashana and ends next week with Yom Kippur.
It is also called the "Days of Repentence" or the "Days of Awe". According to the oral tradition passed down by the Rabbi's, on Roshashana, G-d inscribes the names of the righteous people into the "Book of Life". On Yom Kippur, the book is sealed. The next 10 days is spent trying to be a better person. To make ammends and to right oneself with G-d by performing acts of kindness and charity. This way, we're guaranteed to be inscribed to the "Book of Life" till next year.

May you all be inscribed into the "Book Of Life". Happy New Year!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Miss Molly and the Sea Turtle

I have been down in the dumps all week. So HuMOM took me to the beach to try and cheer me up.
The salty air and rain mixed with my tears so no one could see me cry. You see, my BFF (best furfriendforever) Molly didn't make it.
Thank woo everyone for the sibe vibes and prayers.
Molly was recovering astonishingly well till the day she was supposed to leave the hospital. She was fine one moment and then suddenly passed to the bridge. The vet think my Molly threw a clot. It was quick and she wasn't in pain.
Molly leaves behind a devastated family. She is also missed by her Mal, Sibe and rescue friends from all around the country.
So with my head hung low I continued my walk on the beach. Then I stumbled on to this poor guy
I stopped by to see if he was ok.
Are you okay there big fella?
Then Kiley tried to wake him up. Kiley is wise and knows about such things. She declared Mr Sea Turtle had passed on to the bridge.
We are still furry furry sad.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Siberian Transporter

Arooroooroo! Hey everypup! It's been a busy week here and the HuMom hasn't allowed me to post till today. But the great news is HuMom bought me a new (well nearly new) Siberian transporter in "pull me over Red". It matches my fur purrrfectly. Of course, I've been wanting a new sportswagon like FOREVER! however the HuMom said we couldn't afford one. Oh the humiliation I had to endure riding around in what HuDad affectionaly termed the "HOOOPTY-Car". It clattered and clanked and sputtered but HUMOM kept driving it. Of course there is also drama involved with HuMom. The car died on her driving home from work this week. She barely made it to the service station and left it there. When the mechanic told her the Hoopty was a DNR, HuMom had no choice but to go out and purchase me a new set of wheels. But the funny thing is: the dealership where HuMom bought the new car actually paid her money for the Hoopty site unseen. she told them it was in miserable shape. Even the windows starting to not go down and the heater/ac fan broke this week too. They gave her almost $2,000 bones for the wrecked car and she quickly signed the title over before they could see the car and change their mind. HuMom had the car towed this morning to dealership and she said the look on the salesman face was "Priceless" when he finally saw the car we traded in. Especially since HUMOM couldn't vaccum it out first so they get all our dog hair and slobber marks too! harooorooroooo!

On a serious note, sibe vibes and prayers are needed for my BFF Molly.

Here she is!
Miss Molly is a fellow rescue and my best furfriend furever!
She became very ill this past week and required exploratory surgery. The Vet removed several pieces of chewed carpeting from her stomach and intestines and she is now in very serious condition at the hospital.
HuMom is very worried about Miss Molly. She knows Molly has a strong will and would not chose to leave her family. So sibe vibes and the power of the paw are needed to make Molly well.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Many of you know, we've had some company this weekend. And no, Scooter the peachick didn't come. His Human found a peachick-sitter so no Peachick Tartar.
(thank you Khyra for that visual)

All our visitors loved me. I especially bonded with a young couple named Tamar and Corey. Every chance I had, I snuck into their room just to be near them. They let me up on their bed and gave me snooter kisses and belly rubs.

But the best maneuver is what I call the Sibe Snout Missile. This maneuver proves red sibe world domination. Here's how it's done. You take a young unsuspecting guest wearing a short skirt. You approach her and let her fawn over your lovely red fur and dashing good looks. When she's not paying attention, you step behind her, place the snooter in her crotch then lift her skirt up over her hips! Immediately afterwards, you run to the opposite end of the house!

You should try it next time you have visitors!

Pee Ess: I am including a picture of the girls cooking Friday night's meal in my very own kitchen to show you some of the snooter attack victims.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bird Drama

Let me set this scenario up for you.

Dad has invited 8 of his dance friends from various areas of the country to stay w/ us for a dance event occuring in our town this weekend. Basically the dancers ask only a place to sleep and shower while spending most of their time out dancing through the day and night.We're not really stressing; however, it will take a lot of coordination and due diligence to make sure there's harmony between us, the dancers and the things they'll leave unattended in our house. Dad sent out a preliminary email with pictures of us to make sure people understand we're 2 BIG dogs. Lets face it, they're worried Kiley will get into someone's things or air mattress and chew something up.Tonight we got the following cutely naive email from one of thegirls, Amy, who's staying with us. She's a tiny West Virginia farm girl who weighs about the same as Kiley. Keep in mind we're northern breeds with a strong prey drive and neither of us dogs are crated.

The email

:"I have a small problem. Tony can't come because he is getting called away on business. This leaves me with a dilemma regarding my pet peacock, Scooter. He is 8 weeks old. I am thinking of investing in some sort of porta-crib (stop laughing), turning it upside down, and making that his temporary home. Is there a place in your yard I could set him up? Is this a crazy idea?"

Here is Scooter! Isn't he cute?

Personally I don't see the problem. I'm not sure why HuMom is so upset. Stayed tune to see if he shows up!


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Back from New Hampshire!

HuMom and Dad are back! It's been a hectic week here. I've only recently been able to restore the passwords back to my blog since the hostile Kiley took over during HuMom's absence. Typical Mal-A Brat! She thinks the sun and moon revolve around her.
I have lots to catch you up on. HuMom and Dad spent the week at their favorite dance camp called "Swing out New Hampshire". In it's 10th year, the camp is run by Mark Kapner formerly of Country Joe and the Fish" fame. It's six days of dance lessons followed by big band social dancing each night. This is Dad's favorite event. He travels to many places throughout the year to either DJ or dance but all his favorite dancers, instructors and DJ's usually attend this camp. Besides great dances, there is plenty of other activites such as swimming, tennis, cabaret and campfire sing-a-longs. Here's our video of our their campfire night singing!

The only downside to this vacation is us furkids have to stay at home. By Saturday, HuMom needed her furfix ad thankfully HuMom's friend Jeff and his malamute Granite live close by. Granite is a very special malamute as he is Kiley's first love. He's the first malamute Kiley had ever met about 5 years ago.

This is Granite. He is furry furry handsome. He recently had a serious health scare and HuMom wasn't sure she would be able to see him this trip. But he's starting to get better and we're praying he's restored to health soon.
Jeff picked up HuMom and they met up with the Gallagher's and 4 of their malamutes for a hike at Profile Falls.
These are the Gallaghermals. The arrived in the back of their van and travel in style. HuMom thinks this is a funny picture. They're ready to go for a hike. Wish I could go.
New Hampshire is very rich in sleddog history. Chinook kennels, located in New Hampshire, was owned by Arthur Walden. Admiral Byrd appointed Arthur Walden lead driver and trainer for Byrd's 1929 Antartic Expedition.
HuMom really liked the sign at the trailhead.
Here's HuMom and Cassie and Jeff and Granite in front of the sleddog sign.
HuMom giving Granite snooter kisses back at the car.
After the walk and some lunch, they all headed over to Vicki's place where HuMom had the chance to meet the 11 Malamutes of Rubicon! Here she with Vicki and petting one of her Mals named Jezibel. Isn't she pretty? HuMom was very glad she had the chance to meet some of the famous malamutes including Gus, her weightpull champion and Summer, a beautiful all white Malamute! HuMom has never seen so many sleddogs in one day.
She finally returned home to me!

Friday, August 29, 2008

it's me....kiley

in humomms absence, i have taken over simcha's blog and wanna say wooo wooo woo to all my malpal boys especially summi and tank! obey the woo!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pant Pant Pant Pant

The unimaginable happened. The central AC broke. HuMom called the HVAC repair, but they won't be here till Monday!
HuMom pleaded with the repairman. She told them she has two northern breed dogs who will melt!
So please send us your cooling thoughts. Virginia is too hot for a husky without airconditioning!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

need to rehome

Need to re home two perfectly new, never used Kong Wubbas. Would prefer they stay together as a pair. Seeking active family with a human person home during the day to throw the wubbas. Fenced yard preferred but not mandatory. Will hold till the holidays or can be used as a fundraising gift.

This pair was bought on a whim (after HuMom saw how the other Sibes loved their wubbas) but neither me or Kiley have shown any interest in. Seeking Sibe, Mal or Anypup who is willing to spend time with this lovely pair. Please contact my Mom at to arrange a home check.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

HuMom returns from vacation

Yeah, she's been slacking, It's almost been a week and she hasn't had time to show me the pictures from her vacation.

My Malahoot sister and I stayed home to babysit Dad. HuMom went to visit her Dad staying in an RV park in Lake George NY. I really wanted to go, but the stooopid humans who own the park have banned Siberians. Can you imagine? Anyway, the park allows Yappinators so you can imagine what kind of place she stayed at. Poor HuMom, not a Siberian in site. Good thing HuMom has friends so she could still get her fur-fix.

Her first stop was in upstate NY to visit our fur-friend Klondike and her human woman April! Here's a picture of Klondike. She is furry furry bewootiful.

Klondike has quite the life. Her human owns a kennel and grooming business and Klondike goes to work with her most everyday. Klondike's job is to greet all the pups coming in for boarding or grooming. They live in a region where everything is named "kill" ie Catskill, Fishkill, Beaverkill, Plotterskill but HuMom says nothing violent is happening there. The name "kill" is dutch for "creek".  My HuDad used to live near there but downstate in the Hudson Valley. Driving through there, HuMom can see why my Dad misses the area very much. It's so scenic. Below is the Bear Mt Bridge HuMom passed to get to Klondike house. Isn't it beautiful?

HuMom's next visit came Sunday when she met up with Sue & David and two of their 9 malamutes: Cassi & Hemi. See Hemi's picture and description in the post below. Hemi is named after a truck and very wisely so.

HuMom's biggest surprise was meeting Miss Cassie. Here she is giving my HuMom a flying tackle-hug. My mom fell in love with this sweet girl. Miss Cassie is also and Alaskan Malamute. She is a hard working Mal (she also competes in weight pulls) but HuMom said she has such a sunny and sweet disposition. (so unkileyesque). HuMom wanted to take her home to meet me. HuMom said we'd get another Malamute in a heartbeat if only she was like Cassi.
HuMom sure loved those Gallaghermals!
She also visited with my grandparents and saw both my Uncle Bob and Uncle Mike. I want to thank my Malpals for giving my Mom her furfix in our absense.

Monday, August 18, 2008

hemi malamute

This is Hemi and David Gallagher. Yeah I know, what a Punin! Don't let that cute face and fuzz fool ya. He's a working malamute. Hemi pulled 2560 lbs for 34.13x's his body weight at the Harrisburg weight pulls last April. Anyone need their house moved? HuMom got to meet Hemi on her vacation to NY this past week. Hemi's parents David & Sue own 9 malamutes! But these malamutes aren't couch potatoes like my sister Kiley.


Friday, August 8, 2008

See you all next week!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

My Malahoot sister!

My Mom and Dad went to a party with a Hawaiin theme where every guest brought home their own flowered necklace. HuMom thought it would be a good idea to take Kiley's picture wearing the flowers. Doesn't she look pretty?

Kiley thought the flowers were great! Then an idea popped in her head. She started laughing to herself when she realized what she would do!

Utoh! She's walking towards me. This can't be good. What does she have in mind? She's usually so mean to me.

She takes the flowers off her head! My what pretty teeth she has!

She puts the flowers on my head so I can wear them for a while. Obviously she wants something, as she never does anything without a reason. She spends her time trying to ignore me unless she wants my toy.

She now seems pretty pleased with herself. I love my big ole malahoot sister. Don't know why she thinks I'm a pest.