Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pretty darned mad!

Being that it wasn't oppressively hot today, and it was the HuMom day off, we were going to the dog park this evening to play with our friends.

I love the dogpark. I love it more than food. It's my time to fly around the park and get other doggies to chase me. Our favorite park is right on the harbor. It's built on a bulkhead and there's a ramp I can run down and get my paws wet. My sister Kiley uses the ramp to go swimming in the stinky waters of the harbor. While HuMom sits and enjoys the watching the ships and tugboat, I sit and stare at the ducks swimming close by.

This is me in my Sibe transporter as we make the turn into the road that leads to the park. I know exactly where I am and I am on high alert. Us doggies both get very excited even driving near the park.
 I'm thinking about which of my doggy friends might be meeting me here tonight.


We get out of the car and notice the parking lot is empty. "That's weird It's only 8p" says my Human. There's usually a few people and their pups still playing.

We walk up to the gate and discover IT'S LOCKED! There's a sign on the gate that says "Park closed every Monday and Tuesday for mantainence"

WHAT? The park is closed? They can't do this to me!

I am so dissapointed and refuse to budge till HuMom somehow gets me in that park. It's going to be a long night waiting till the park opens Wednesday. But I am not moving.


Friday, July 25, 2008

My first award!

This was given to me by my friend Huffle the Honorary Husky in hopes that I feel better soon. Already I feel better because I like cool stuff and I like cats. So thank you Huffle.

Now if only I can figure out how to add it to my blog permanently without screwing it up. Yup, I am new to this blogging business.


who feels the love

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

*sigh* it arrived!

My new "air force" dryer. Don't I look thrilled? HuMom plans to use it to blow the excess fur off of me. This cannot be a good thing.

PS Not in the user manuel. Do not use in your livingroom unless you want fur on the ceiling, stuck in the radiatiors and in places you never knew fur could be blown into.


Saturday, July 19, 2008


This is my sister Kiley. She is an Alaskan Malamute! She likes to have things her way and tries to be the boss of me. I usually let her get her own way.

I am still not feeling well

Well the test results are back and according to Dr Connie, my thyroid test came back as normal. My level was 1.8 and normal values are between 1-4. But I still have no energy. I am shedding like a sheep and walking around the house like an old man. I'm just not the same dog I was a month ago. Even my coat is dull dirty brown instead of the gorgeous red and white i used to be

Dr Connie suggested more fruits and vegetables and they will re-evalute me again in a few weeks. More fruits and veggies? She has to be kidding!

I already eat super premium dog food. I'm sure the HuMom will be looking into changing my diet altogether.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. As you can see in the picture above, my coat is a mess. :(

Friday, July 18, 2008

My trip to the Dr's

I haven't been feeling myself as of late. My Humans have been worried about me. I seem to sleep all the time and have very little energy. HuMom says I walk around the house like an old man and I no longer try to beat up my sister Kiley. And I am still shedding like a sheep even after TWO trips to the groomers!

Then last Friday, my dad discovered a lump near my collar next to my trachea. Along with the other strangness I have been displaying, HuMom became very concerned about this lump and being so close to my windpipe, she knew I had to go see Dr Connie. So here it is Friday and off to the vets I go.

This is where I go. It's called Boulevard Veterinary Hospital. Dr Connie Pozniak is my doctor. She is a holistic vet but also practices traditional medicine

Here I am in the main waiting room waiting to be brought into the exam room. While there, we ran into another husky mix. His name was Snookums but there was nothing cuddly about him. He snarled at me as I walked in. As Snookums was being brought into the exam room, his husky half came out and he began to howl. So I joined in and raised the roof of the vet clinic in honor of his huskyness. All the other dogs in the clinic waiting room were in awe of my vocals. Perhaps some were a bit scared too.


This photo shows how tired I am. Usually I am on high alert at the Dr's office, but recently I have been too blah to care.

Here I am in the exam room waiting to be seen by Dr Connie. I hope they find out what's wrong with me.

Can we go home now?

Dr Connie does a complete physical on me. All the while talking to me and massaging circles around my eyes. This seems to calm me down. Dr Connie also notes besides my run down feeling, my coat is much duller, my heart rate is slower than normal and I have gained 7lbs! She asks if I could be missing someone. Perhaps a human companion or another sibe companion. (I kid you not, Dr Connie is concerned about my mental health). When I tell her no, she strongly suspects I have thyroid problems. She gives me another massage. I am like putty in her hands. She takes me into the back room and has my blood drawn and to run tests to measure my thyroid function.

She also aspirates the lump and finds fatty cells. She tells my human the good news. It's a fatty lipoma! Nothing to worry about other than to keep an eye on it. YAY we can go home now!

On the way home, I asked HuMom a special favor. Maybe we could stop at the PETA dogpark on the way home so I could visit with some of my friends. I am certain this will cheer me up.

We arive at the park and I see a black puppy that I've never met. I ran around the park and let the puppy chase me. This seemed to make me happy. But then I got tired so I decided to lay down in the shade.

But I was too tired to play sibe games. As you can see here, I don't appear to happy and wanted to go home.

On the way home, I asked the HuMom for one more special treat. And this one was a biggie considering she doesn't eat animals or products made from animals. But we stopped and HuMom ordered me my very own ice cream. I am never too tired for ice cream!

We are hoping that my behavior change is related to my thyroid. HuMom knows this is a common problems found in Sibes. Hopefully, a pill a day will do the trick. We wait and find out our blood results tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who prayed for me and my HuMom. We know that my HuMom would be lost without me.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hidden costs of Sibe ownership

As you can see above, HuMom received the electric bill for the past months usage. She nearly had a heart attack when she saw what she owed. The bill before was $90. This one is $255!

We live in the southeast, and turning off the AC during the day is not an option with two northern breed dogs. Kiley and I would roast if she did. As it is, she keeps the AC set at 74. That seems to be the highest temperature we can tolerate without us panting. Of course, this time of year, we're inside dogs. It doesn't cool down at night.

HuMom is threatening to shave us and put us in the freezer during the day so she can shut off the air.

As it is, our park visiting is severely limited due to the high price of gas. We just don't know how much more us dogs are expected to endure.

HuMom would like to know how the energy prices are effecting you.


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

see video below

We went to the park today and the human woman was trying to take a picture of us in the muck water and accidently shot this video of us below. When she went to view the pictures, she realized her mistake. Then she decided to see if she could upload the video to blogger by sending it to her cell phone and voila! It worked.

She says she sorry about all the jostling but she's unable to edit it at all. But you can tell how uncooperative we were trying to get out picture taken. And Kiley listens so well.

Multimedia message

Monday, July 7, 2008

Our 4th of July weekend

Once again, it was a hot and too humid for a husky weekend. Mom tried to entertain me with a tasty trachea. Wooowyumolicious

Even the normally rambunctious Kiley lay ed around like broccoli!

Our night time strolls on the beach were off limits due to the fireworks and all the holiday festivities. So instead, we woke up really early and went for a morning stroll on the beach.

And then we spotted a warship in the bay headed out to the Atlantic.

Now this is not an uncommon sight in Norfolk however, HuMom felt unusually sad being it was the 4Th of July weekend. All these brave servicemen were heading out and not spending time home with their families. It just made her more sad. Hurry home guys!


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Package

My Mal sister Kiley spots the mailman. She knows my special package is expected today.

Are you sure this is for me? What kind of toy could it be?

It couldn't possibly be for me. It looks like clothing and Mom never dresses me in human clothing!

Well the hat fits!

But the cape makes my furry butt look BIG!

HuMom says this is what I will wear this Friday at the 4th of July parade!! WooHoo I love the parade. I get popsicles and watermelon and get fussed over by the neighborhood kids. Maybe this year, I will catch the eye of the newspaper reporter and get my picture in the paper!

I'll keep you posted.

Woo Y'All