Sunday, June 15, 2008

hacking up a husky lung

I fwapped the Hu-Mom awake early this morning because I could smell smoke. When she finally opened the door to let me outside, I rushed outside and sniffed the air. The yard was covered in heavy smoke. HuMom explained the smoke was from the wildfires in North Carolina that have been burning for days. She feels bad for all the animals who are trying to escpape the wildfires. Me? I feel bad for myself, because HuMom kept us indoors all day. It finally cleared enough for us to walk around midnight. They've issued a code purple for the air quality in our area. HuMom says that's the color we would turn if we stayed outside all day. On a sad note, our friend Teresa, HuMom to Kyri and Nanuk, wasn't able to come and meet us. She lives way up north in Michigan and was driving to Raleigh for a graduation. HuMom was so excited about her visit. But she had some bad storms and 100mile an hour winds move through her area last Sunday and she lost power for days. Teresa was sad, but she couldn't leave her furkids behind with the dogsitter and no power. Kyri and Nanuk eat barf: and they have two freezers full of raw meat and veggies of their very own. I wish my HuMom fed me Barf but instead we eat kibble. But with the power gone, Kyri's and Nanuks food became rancid. I'll bet it smells really good at their house!


Holly said...

Wow, that's too bad about the fires!! I didn't know they were having any! I sure hope all the humans and pets stay safe.

What a bummer about your mom's friend. She should have given all that food her her furkids, cuz I'm sure they would have loved to help her use it up instead of letting it rot.

We have had some electricity problems here too, due to the storms and tornados. So dad ordered a generator for us. That way our raw food stays safe.

Have a great weekend!!


The Daily Echo said...

We're sorry your friend couldn't visit. She should have left extra early and brought her refrigerator with her! We hear about the fires on the news and are happy they don't happen very often here in PA. Stay inside and only breathe the good air.

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

I ekhho what my pals PHBbbbbb and Ekhho pawed!

Stay safe and breathe the GOOD husky air!


Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Can you play outside now or is it still smoky? I hope you're not confined to the house anymore. That would be no fun!

Too bad about your friends, although the barf thing sounds good. At first I thought you were actually talking about barf. I do enjoy it when Wilbur does that. Then I realized you were talking about raw food and that sounds de-lish!