Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dog sitters

HuMom and Dad went for a mini vacation to Charleston NC leaving Kiley and me the house. We had Kelly, our favorite dog sitter come stay with us so we wouldn't be lonely. I love Kelly. She brings her boyfriend who used to live in Alaska and he adores us snowdogs.

Being a Jewish dog, the one thing I'm good at is laying down the guilt. As soon as I see the suitcases come out of the attic, I begin to mope around. This technique is so effective, that HuMom begins to panic and wishes she wasn't leaving. One of these days, she will take me with her.

The HuMom is a strange creature. Each time she leaves, she goes into panic mode and stays up all night cleaning the house and ridding every crevice of dog hair. Yeah, like we really live this way. What's a little dog hair?

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